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Rijkswaterstaat wants all information on this website to be easily accessible to everyone. So we devote our attention to user-friendliness, accessibility and making things easy to find.

The Tijdelijk besluit digitale toegankelijkheid overheid (Interim Decision on the Digital Accessibility of Public Sector Bodies, in Dutch) states that public sector websites must comply with the accessibility requirements specified in EN 301 549/WCAG 2.1, and should provide accountability for this by publishing an accessibility statement.

The accessibility performance rating of Overstroomik. Follow the link for the accessible version of this certificate.

Accessibility statement

Overstroomik.nl complies in part with the requirements specified for accessibility. In our Accessibility statement we explain which points we do not yet fully comply with, and when we expect to resolve these sticking points.

Substantiation of the accessibility statement

The accessibility statement for Overstroomik.nl was created on the basis of research by an independent accreditation bureau. The findings of this are included in the most recent research report. 

In what way are we working towards accessibility?

Rijkswaterstaat is striving for continual improvement in accessibility through various measures within our (day-to-day) processes:

  • Accessibility 'by design': accessibility forms part of all steps in the design, build and editorial process of our website, right from the start. And, naturally, we also specifically take user friendliness and findability into account.
  • Research: independent experts regularly review (parts of) the website for its accessibility. Where we find sticking points, we resolve them in a sustainable way.
  • Knowledge of employees: our employees keep their knowledge on accessibility up to scratch and apply it where necessary.

Overview of Rijkswaterstaat accessibility statements

You can view other websites than basisinformatie-overstromingen.rws.nl (Rijkswaterstaat basic flood information) that are also the responsibility of Rijkswaterstaat in the register of accessibility statements

Reporting problems with accessibility

Any questions or comments? Or do you want to use a page on this website that does not seem to be accessible? Contact us