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Cookies and GDPR


Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer. Cookies make it possible to recognise your computer when you visit a particular website.

What sort of cookies does Overstroomik.nl place on your device?

Cookies for statistics and research

Overstroomik.nl uses cookies for web statistics and research purposes to gain an insight into how visitors use the website. This information helps us to improve the site. These 'analytics cookies' contain a unique number. They do not contain any personal data. Overstroomik.nl cannot use these cookies to 'recognise' you personally, or to identify you directly or indirectly. Neither can cookies be used to identify you on other websites. The anonymous data collected will not be used for any purpose other than improving the website, nor will it be shared with third parties.

  • Cookie _pk_id: determines whether the visitor is new or has previously visited the site (for the purpose of logging statistics).
  • Cookie _pk_ses: helps to determine which pages have been viewed during a visit (for the purpose of logging statistics).
  • Cookie _pk_ref : helps to determine the site from which Overstroomik.nl was visited (for the purpose of logging statistics).

Information on processing of personal data (GDPR)

The search function on Overstroomik.nl processes post codes and addresses that are entered, depending on your input. We are not able to identify you directly or indirectly using data of this kind. There is no link between the post code or address entered on Overstroomik.nl and your identity. You may enter any number of post codes and addresses on the website. It is not Rijkswaterstaat's aim to discover the identity of individual visitors to the website.